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Marlowe here. Wife, mother, owner of Squeaky Dreams and wearer of many hats.  I create handcrafted, worry-free vegan bath & body products that nurture the nurturers.  Well what does that mean?  So glad you asked! (Forgive me while I info dump on a topic I'm passionate about!  Remember, you asked!)

Women are often the nurturers of the family and the well-being of our families rests on our very tired and often overwhelmed shoulders.  Is my family eating well?  Is the laundry detergent non-toxic?  What about the bathroom cleaner?  WHAT ARE WE PUTTING ON OUR SKIN?? So many of us are just running from one task to the other, trying to meet the needs of our families, our friends, our jobs and unfortunately we don't often take the time to meet OUR own needs and take care of ourselves.  

Being the ultimate multi-tasker that I am, I said, why can't we have both?  Why can't we know our family is using nourishing, beneficial bath & body products but also pamper ourselves at the same time?  Why can't the same bar of soap soothe eczema for a child, but then mom takes that same bar and luxuriates in a shower where she can find moments of peace and tranquility, so she can go back to her family as her best self?  (Honestly, it's no different then hiding zucchini in the banana bread.  Here's your veggies kids!  And I get banana bread.)  Thus Squeaky Dreams was born.  

As the largest organ, it matters to your skin what you cleanse it with.  It is amazing how much we focus on our face but not the condition of the skin on the rest of our body.  It's amazing how so many common ailments can be improved upon with just a little bit a knowledge, a regimen and products that intentionally put good things in instead of intentionally taking good things out.  So many products on shelves intentionally take good things out and leave your skin in worse condition then when you started. 

It is also amazing how something as simple as a refreshing shower can reinvigorate the senses, the body and the soul.  For us nurturers, it is such a relief to have just one thing removed from our mental load.  Not only can you rest assured that your family is being cared for but you can also take the time each day to pamper yourself.

We say we're going to relax for a bit but somehow that next tasks seems more important.  And so does the next task after that.  Squeaky Dreams is here to give you a PAUSE.

Truthfully, I created Squeaky Dreams for me and any woman like me.  Busy, tired, overwhelmed, stretched too thin, lover of her family but honestly struggling not to pour from an empty cup.  A woman whose many hats are really capes and need a moment to be a super hero for herself.

Here's to nurturing the nurturers!





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