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Welcome to the Squeaky Dreams Blog!

I am ever so excited to have you here!  What better way to start than with a quick introduction.  My name is Marlowe.  I am a wife, mother, avid bibliophile and have too many other facets to mention here.  And Squeaky Dreams is the Black, woman-owned, small business of my heart.

From the very early stages of Squeaky Dreams, I knew I wanted to serve our consumers and not just sell.  I knew that I wanted us to provide you with an experience for more, and not just a bar of soap.  I mean, it's an amazing bar of soap if I do say so myself but it is our hope for you that it is just the beginning!  

Our motto is "The clean you need.  The experience you've dreamed of!".  The first expectations of a bar of soap is to get you clean.  We don't call it SQUEAKY DREAMS for nothing!  Our soap will leave your skin amazingly clean without the use of harsh detergents or preservatives.  So you won't be left with dry, stripped skin AND you won't be left with that yucky film that lots of "moisturizing bars" you find in stores will leave behind.  Clean skin, check that box off!

On to the Dreams...we are committed to providing you with the tools needed to normalize luxury in your life.  Luxury and learning to LUXURIATE.  Take a moment for yourself, pamper yourself, lean into the experience of the amazing scents in our soap while knowing that you are doing something really good for you and your skin.  It starts with a bar of soap but we've got plans for so much more.

Often times we lead very harried lives.  I'll use myself as the perfect example.  I've got to show up in my partnership with my husband, I've got to meet the needs and nurture my children (don't get me started on virtual school!), I've got managing a household responsibilities, I've got business responsibilities, extended family, friendships, etc. and it is just...A LOT.  Too often we find ourselves just going from task to task with very little time for OURSELVES!  We spend a lot of time serving the needs of others and dare to feel guilty when we take a moment to do the things where only we benefit.

Well no more, I say! (Yes, that's incredibly cheesy but I still really mean it.)  NO MORE!  Stop feeling guilty for doing something for you.  And you know all those things we don't do because they are only "for us"?  There's no such thing!  When we take care of ourselves, when we make that a priority, everyone around us benefits!  When we take that time for ourselves, take our deep breaths and operate from a place of balance, peace, inspiration, when we are cared for, we show up for all that we hold dear to us in a better way.  We are better at all of it!  Partners, mothers, sisters, friends, employees, business owners etc., ALL OF IT!

This is what we want for you at Squeaky Dreams!  Grab one of our bars of soap.  Luxuriate in the fragrances, let the scent take you on whatever journey is necessary for you to find your balance.  Find your peace.  Your calm.  Your clarity.  Remember all your little "whys".  Find your "big whys".  Take a moment to breathe deeply.  Take a moment to find and remember what inspires you.  Take a moment to dream your BIG dreams.  That's my Squeaky Dream for you.


With much love and highly cleansed skin,






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