a selection of four soaps laying face up surrounded by four leavesa selection of four soaps laying face up surrounded by four leaves
fall in love

A harvest awaits

fresh & new seasonal scents
bars of exfoliating soap standing in rows with one bar face up to show the detail of the organic colloidal oatmeal in the bar and the Squeaky Dreams logo on the face of the soap

Made for sensitive skin.

delicate exfoliation w/ organic colloidal oatmeal

Soothing Bath Salts

Rest. Relax. Release.

Dreams Come True!

Favorites that keep you coming back for more!

6 bars of Bliss Beginnings soap stacked
Bliss Beginnings
The soothing scent of lavender that can't be resisted.
All Aboard for bliss
Four bars of Enchanted Forest soap stamped
Enchanted Forest
Let the scent of cedar and pine transport you
Magic Awaits
small bundle of lavender

Love You. Love Your Skin.


Now is the time to upgrade your skincare. Make the switch to Squeaky Dreams for next level bath & body care. Our soaps cleanse, moisturize and never leave you dry. Our body creams are whipped to perfection, seal in all that moisture and leave you smelling amazing all the way to your next shower. Our products are all natural, vegan, cruelty-free & no harmful preservatives ever.

Whipped. To. Perfection.

Take our amazing scents out of the shower and with you all day long. Our Squeaky Dreams Whipped Body Creams are perfect for providing and sealing in moisture so your skin is never dry. Light, fluffy and never greasy.

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